Forage is our way to find satisfaction in the form of passionate, creative, experimentation.

For us it started with Dan and a mason jar filled with coffee and water. After steeping the grounds for some time we tasted the brew and it was incredibly different from what we expected but in great way.

Soon coffee in all its various forms from Coffee Cherry to Raw Bean to cup of Dark Brew hooked us, and hooked us good.

What came after that first mason jar of cold brewed coffee was a question;

“How do we make this better?”

We started buying different beans from around our city of Columbus, experimenting and creating brews from beans we had gotten from far away places. Soon we started tasting different flavors in our cups. Over more cups than can be counted we talked and talked, finding more and more to say.

Before we knew it this little bean changed how we thought, and we wanted to see what others thought.We wanted to share what we are finding and we wanted a name that represented how we felt about coffee.

We came up with Forage. We forage for the best green beans. We continuously search for the next flavor, the next method, and we look far and wide for inspiration. Perhaps most importantly we want to recognize the men and women in the coffee farms across the world who forage for the ripest coffee cherries that eventually make their way to the roasting and brewing community.

For us Forage is a way to find a timeless cup of coffee and continue our search for ageless flavors.