Currently Offering:

Limmu Ethiopia ; Kossa Gesha – City Roast

This bean has made it’s way from a single farm estate of Kossa Geshe. Flavors of Sweet Pineapple and Blackberry mix with hints of citrus lemon and a dash of honey make this an easy to drink brew with a very clean finish. We find it most enjoyable when brewed in a Pour-over, Aeropress, and even immersion-drip such as a Clever. Imported by our friends at Crop To Cup they went to great lengths to find a single origin bean and found a no less a single farm bean. A small harvest from the farmer Kossa Geshe yielded a quality bean that we are eager to share.

Future Offerings:

Colima Mexico ; Volcan de Fuego – n/a

Yirgacheff/Guji Ethiopia ; Gedeb – n/a